Matthew Wong

About the artist


Born in 1984, Toronto, Canada..

Currently lives and works in Hong Kong and Zhongshan, China.

B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

MFA in Creative Media (Photography) from City University of Hong Kong


My practice is an extensive investigation into the act of painting as a vehicle for the discovery of existential truths. Working without preconceived ideas or guidelines on how to make a painting, I seek to apply a vast array of painterly techniques, with an emphasis on experimentation and intuition that nevertheless is keenly aware of a wide variety of art historical precedents, ranging from classical Chinese painting, the pulsating brushstrokes of Chaim Soutine and Vincent Van Gogh, to the internal subjectivity of abstract expressionism. The underlying focus which ties my paintings together is the notion of the landscape; rather than attempting to represent reality, my vision of the landscape is connected to the need to tap into a primordial energy which infuses both nature and the essence of humanity. Therefore the landscape, with all its myriad forms as evidenced in my paintings, is at once an amalgamation of past paintings in this genre across various periods and cultures, as it is open-ended metaphor reflecting currents running through contemporary human life. My idea of the painted landscape also exists as a symbol of yearning for a time when humanity engaged with nature in a harmonious union, this last point echoing fundamental beliefs of Taoist thought; neither fully abstract or figurative, the landscape as it appears in my paintings nevertheless displays suggestive traits of human features to emphasize the interchangeability between man and nature.











2015 Pulse of the Land: Matthew Wong Solo Exhibition at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong